Terms of Use

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before accessing our website and the services offered.

1. Copyright and Content Ownership

The content of our website is strictly the copyright of BEEKAY STEEL and the copying of the content will be held as a punishable offence. However, a small portion of our content can be summarised and used by others but the copying of the exact content is not permitted.

2. Terms of Service

  • You may use the services of our website only in accordance with the Terms and Conditions applied.
  • The user must be of 13 years or older in order to be able to access our services.
  • Any information provided by the user should be true such as full name, email address and any other information required in the sign up process.
  • The user is solely responsible of any activity or content posted in his/her user account.
  • The user must not post anything that can hurt religious sentiments or invite legal trouble on his/her user account. However, if such a situation arises, the user will be held responsible and BEEKAY STEEL will take no responsibility for the content posted on his/her account.
  • Any form of user-generated content including posts, comments, images, reviews, videos, links to other websites, business practices and privacy policy do not represent the interests, beliefs, views or opinions of BEEKAY STEEL and hence, BEEKAY STEEL will not take up any responsibility for any kind of user-generated content.
  • The users are not permitted to gain unauthorized access to any other user’s account through account hacking, password mining or any other false means.
  • We are not responsible for the circumstances or manner in which the public content is accessed by third parties and we are under no obligation to restrict the access.

3. User’s Code of Conduct

The user must understand that he/she is solely responsible for the compliance of any laws, rules and regulations that apply in regard to using our site and the user agrees that he/she will not:

  • Violate or disobey any local, state, national or any other law or any order of a court.
  • Use manual or automated device, software or any other means to access, scrape, and spider or crawl any web pages or services in the site, services or content.
  • Use the site or its services for any commercial or other purposes not permitted by these terms.
  • Violate or infringe the rights of any person or entity, their property, privacy, publicity, contractual rights and intellectual property.
  • Interfere with our site or damage it or its services with the use of viruses, Trojan horses, flood pings, IP spoofing or any other means of technology.
  • use our site or its services to post, distribute, submit or transmit any information such as photographs, contact information, credit, debit card details, account numbers or any other form of personal information concerning some other person or entity without their permission.
  • Use our site or its services for the distribution of spam or unsolicited email.
  • Harass or stalk any other user of our site or its services or collect any personal information about them except for transaction purposes.
  • Fake or misrepresent yourself as some other person or entity or impersonate any other person or entity.
  • Submit any listings with false or misleading price information.
  • Post, publish, upload or submit any content that
    • Violates or misrepresents a third party’s patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property, moral rights or privacy or publicity rights.
    • Encourages any conduct that would violate any law or regulation and give rise to civil liability.
    • Is false, fraudulent misleading or deceptive.
    • Is obscene, vulgar, pornographic or vulgar.
    • Encourages racism, hatred, discrimination or harm against an individual, religious group or community.
    • Promotes violence or threat to an individual or society.
    • Promotes illegal or harmful activities.
  • Retrieve any data or content from our site or its applications directly or indirectly through the use of viruses, spiders, crawlers or any other means of technology to create a directory, collection, compilation or any other similar database.
  • Use the logo, design, layout, trademark or any other propriety information of BEEKAY STEEL or its services without a written consent by BEEKAY STEEL.
  • Breach any security or authentication measures of the site or its services.
  • BEEKAY STEEL will have the rights to punish any person or entity who violate the rules and laws of the site or its services to the fullest extent of the law as well as disable, delete or remove access to any content without any prior notice that is offensive or is considered objectionable for some reason or violates these Terms and Conditions or is harmful to the site or its services.

4. Fair Use Of Policy

BEEKAY STEEL does not want to limit the number of standard reviews an individual can make in an account. However, it does not permit the exploiting of its services like multiple trials of the paid features. We uphold the right to intervene in such situations of violation so that our users can enjoy the different subscription plans and high quality experience.

5. Termination

BEEKAY STEEL reserves the right in sole discretion to terminate the access of the user to all or a part of BEEKAY STEEL and refuse any or all current or future use of its services if he/she breaches these Terms and Service with or without any prior notice at any time.

6. No Endorsement

BEEKAY STEEL does not endorse any members or entity. The members are required to provide accurate information as we do not attempt to confirm any member’s identity. The user is responsible for determining The identity or suitability of others he/she contacts via the site or its services. The user must agree that any legal remedy that he/she seeks to obtain for actions of members or third parties will be restricted to claims against that particular member or third party who caused the harm. The user must also agree not to attempt imposing any liability on or seek any legal remedy from BEEKAY STEEL in respect to uch actions or omissions.

7. License To use BEEKAY STEEL

The terms and conditions of BEEKAY STEEL permit the access to our website. By accessing our site you acknowledge to fully understand and comply with our terms and conditions. In case you do not understand or for some reason do not agree to comply with these terms of service, please do not access our website and stop any further use of BEEKAY STEEL.

8. Ownership

Ownership of the website and all propriety rights including rights, titles, interest and copyright relating to BEEKAY STEEL are owned and reserved with the owners or licensors of BEEKAY STEEL.

9. Disclaimer of Guarantee/Warranty

BEEKAY STEEL does not express any kind of guarantee or warranty about BEEKAY STEEL as well as makes no claims about the time it takes to load, quality or service up-time. We, however, disclaim implied warranty up to the extent the law permits that the contents distributed through BEEKAY STEEL are satisfactory, non-fringing and fit for a particular purpose but we do not proclaim any guarantee about it being error-free, accurate, reliable, interruption free, access availability to users whenever they want or that it will yield effective results for the purpose it is used.

10. Limitation of Liability

BEEKAY STEEL shall not be held liable for any indirect, special, incidental or exemplary damage caused to the user due to his/her inability to use the site and will not lead to any claims for lost profits, lost data, computer malfunction, loss of goodwill or any other commercial damages.

11. Changes to Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time as and when required or when the owners and licensors of BEEKAY STEEL feel the necessity to do so.