Safety at Beekay, a safe business is a good business. It is our fundamental belief that safety issues must rank alongside issues of quality, productivity and profitability in the decision-makin g process. Our Jamshedpur unit is certified with OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System and the company not only gives priority to safety and health in the selection of plant, equipment and materials, but also involves its employees by inviting their active participation in safety committees meetings and programs to emphaise on the following attirbutes.

Culture: A strong safety culture has been instilled at every level of Beekay Steel. Every newcomer is drilled into safety precautions a regular work practice.

Discipline: Only highly trained personnel are allowed within danger zones. Stern action is taken against any breach of safety norms.

Procedures: A robust set of safety standards and a system of performance monitoring helps to reduce accident levels year-on-year. The standards and procedures are strictly maintained by Safety Supervisors.

Equipment: Every worker is equipped with safety gadgets like helmets, gloves, boots, welding and safety goggles. In addition the company maintains support equipment to cover risks of fire and accident.

Maintenance: All moving equipment and machinery are meticulously maintained. Load testing of overhead cranes is regularly undertaken to ensure risks are minimized.