Bright Bars

Bright Bars are cold drawn/ground/peeled plain bars produced from hot rolled plain bars/wire rods. Bright Bars have a smooth and a bright surface with Accurate Tolerance on the dimensions, they possess improved mechanical properties, greater dimensional accuracy, better surface integrity and higher machinability, and these superior product qualities provide a number of significant design advantages & benefits.

We manufacture Birght Bars in our Visakhapatnam and Chennau units which find application in areas like Pump Shafts, Machined Components, Valves, Dairy Equipments, Fasteners, Machine Tools, Studs, Bolts, Pins, Hinges, Handles, Surgical & Medical Parts, Threaded Bars and other end usages.

Our bright bars also find use in Automobile Industry; this is the major sector which consumes Bright Bar. All engine components, Nuts, Bolts, Shafts are made out of special grades of Bright Bars.

Our Bright Bars range:

Drawn BarMin. (mm)Max. (mm)Drawn BarMin. (inch)Max. (inch)
Rounds14 mm76 mmRounds5/8”3”
width20 mm100 mm width3/4"4”
thickness5 mm<40 mm thickness1/2"1-1/2”
Squares14 mm65 mmSquares1/2"2-1/2”
Hexagonals12 mm60 mmHexagonals5/8”2”

Peeled & Ground Bars; Rounds- 10 to 100 MM; Size tolerance as per h9 & h11.

Our Peeled & Ground Bars range:

Peeled BarMin. (mm)Max. (mm)Peeled BarMin. (inch)Max. (inch)
Rounds40 mm100 mmRounds1.5”4”

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