Education being one of the fundamental rights must be available to all. Education not only prepares a person for earning his daily bread but also helps him to put his judgment to the betterment of the nation. A nation with more and more educated people has more chances of creating a better future for the next generation. Beekay Group is deeply involved in various aspects of education owing to the personal commitment of the directors, some of whom also lend their time in guiding educational institutions of repute

Our CMD, Mr. Suresh Bansal, is on the Board of Trustees of Kalyan Bharti Trust which runs The Heritage School and Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, he is the Governing Body Member at Sri Sri Academy School and a Trustee Member at Haryana Vidya Mandir School. All these institutions are at Kolkata.

Beekay sponsors 30 schools run by Friends of The Tribal Society, bearing expenses for books, blackboards, pencils, administrative cost, etc.

Periodic sponsorships/donations are given to Maharaja Agrasain Medical Education & Scientific Research Society, Delhi.

Beekay also sponsors a school at Jhajgarh, a small town in Haryana from where the promoters of Beekay Steel hail.