Like most industrial processes, the process of steel production can be in conflict with nature. At Beekay we are conscious of the need to work in tandem with the environment and strive hard to contain pollution and promote nature wherever we can. We also realize that each of us has a responsibility to educate our co-workers and the public about environmental issues for the sake of future generations. Hence, Beekay strives in the following areas.

Pollution Control – All Beekay’s plants comply with norms set by authorities in managing the environment and reducing pollution in the areas where it operates. We employ sophisticated control and monitoring equipment. All effluents are treated before they are discharged. Recently, we celebrated World Environment Day 2013 at our organization spreading the message of keeping the environment clean & healthy.

Green Belt – Around the manufacturing plants we actively encourage strengthening the green cover. Every factory has a Green Belt unit embedded to it and we plant trees and maintain gardens to actively reduce emission levels in the factory and environment beyond it.

Rainwater Harvesting – Industrial usage of water can rapidly deplete ground water levels with severe long term consequences. We have started active rainwater harvesting to save much needed water at Jamshedpur and replenish ground water. The measures undertaken by Beekay to promote environmental causes have been recognized at various forums. Our Jamshedpur unit is certified with ISO 14001:2004 for Enviornment  Management System.