Health Care

Health is wealth, goes an old saying; a person with a sound body can take on more responsibilities than a person less fit or ill. In India, there are lots of people who need medical attention but cannot avail of it due to the cost of treatment. We at Beekay Steel believe that we are responsible to help those underprivileged people, so they attain a sound body and sharp mind and help us to create a better tomorrow.

The Savitri Devi Bansal Charitable Trust, promoted by the organization, sponsors health care for the poor and underprivileged. This includes sponsoring of medical expenses such as free beds, medicines, treatment etc.

Institutions sponsored by the Trust are: Marwari Relief Society, Shree Vishudanand Hospital & Research Institute, SVS Marwari Hospital, Anandalok Hospital, Matri Mangal Pratishthan and Tata Medical Centre at Kolkata, Shri Brij Seva Samiti TB Sanitorium at Vrindavan.

We also undertake other welfare activities at our manufacturing locations such as Free Medical Check-Up Camps, Eye Check-Up Camps & Aids Awareness Camps for the employees.